Sunday, May 31, 2009

Juice Organics Review

I am constantly on the look-out for great green beauty products.  So when I saw Juice Organics products on clearance at my local Target lately, I had to try them out.  While the line over all was ok, and I was happy to see it at Target, I am not so surprised that they were on clearance.

To begin with, the ingredients, while much better then your average department store facial products, are not the most non-toxic on the market.  They still include many an ingredient I can't pronounce or recognize on site and the Skin Deep Database marks them at a 2-5 (yellow light) depending on the product.

I attempted the Brightening Facial Serum, Revitalizing Eye Treatment, and Light Tint Moisturizer.  The products wet on easily, and a little bit went a long way.   However, they were much too sticky for my taste and after using the first two, the moisturizer didn't go on very smoothly.  The one thing I did really enjoy about them however was the smell, like fresh oranges for the face.

I would try the products again, but I am more inclined to try something else first.  Has anyone else tried these?  What was your experience?


Aunt Spicy said...

The brightening facial serum seems tempting, was that the one that was sticky?

Willo said...

Yeah, I hate to say it Aunt Spicy, but it was. The less I used the less sticky it was...but I never really got over it.

Julia said...

I Love Juice Organics! I did not find it sticky at all. You don’t need that much product at all, and the key is to shake up the organic ingredients before dispensing and warm it in your palms before applying. They also have a new pomegranate line that they sell on their website that I’m in LOVE with! I love their new shampoos and conditioners.

Ingredients often have scientific names, but my friend who is an aesthetician recommends this brand because they don't use any parabens, synthetic fragrances or dyes.

Willo said...

I am glad you liked them Julia. Everyone has something different that works for them. I would be interested in trying the new pomegranate line.

I am well aware that many companies use scientific names, but it has been my experience that if it is a scientific name for something natural, that will often be listed instead or along with the scientific name. I also find that my favorite products have ingredients I easily least in the top few.