Monday, May 18, 2009

Let it rot!

This is my lovely compost pile!  This little pile saves hundreds of pounds of "trash" from the landfill every year, helps to grow beautiful flowers (and hopefully veggies soon), and help feeds countless bugs, worms, and other woodland creatures.  Did you know that food scraps make up 20-30% of all garbage!

I am going to dedicate much of this week's blog posts to the joys of compost.  I am going to talk about things to put in your compost, what to use compost for, and because I know not everyone can just start a pile on the edge of their property, I am also going to discuss other composting options.  

So grab your food scraps, a bucket, and some willingness to do green good and join me for the ride.  And tell me because I am dying to know, what do you want to know about compost?  Have you been wanting to start and have questions I can try to answer?  Are you a compost expert with some expertise to lend us?  Come on folks, let's get down to the nitty gritty!


Lizzie said...

i have been dying to try composting! perfect timing :) i live in a subdivision and it is an inferno of heat in the summer, my concerns are the smell (near the home) and the proper way to hold it. also, since we have desert landscape i can't wait to see what other ideas you have for use then just gardening :)

Miss. A said...

Yay, composting help...LOL!! I am planning to start composting and was wondering the best way to contain it. I want to make a compost box myself, out of recycled pallets, do you think that is possible? Would I just make a square box with a lid and an opening at the bottom to get the compost out? Thanks in advance,

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

This is great Willo! This year I made the jump from passive composting to active composting.We are starting our 2nd week and I can't wait to see how our dirt grows!!!

Gorgeous and Green said...

Awesome idea, must try this soon.

Gorgeous & Green