Sunday, May 24, 2009

Have compost, will travel

I mentioned to y'all last week that I have started working at the golf course.  And the amount of waste that takes place there is absolutely astounding.  So I am trying to do my part to cut back.  One of the ways I have done that is to encourage my fellow staff members to recycle/compost via me.  So every night I take in this reused kitty litter container and we put everything recyclable/compostable in there.  Every morning after I work, I separate it at home and put everything in the correct place.

It takes a little extra work on my part, but it's totally worth it to know that every night I work, I save at least that much from going to the landfill and put it to good use.   Plus, my compost pile is growing and getting more diverse. 

Is this something you could implement somewhere?  Where you work?  Your kid's school?  Any other ideas?

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Patty Skypants said...

Yes, we do this at work, too. I find the most wasteful "garbage" is cardboard. Hard to change people's habits, though. We have one guy who throws his plastic soda bottles into the garbage can, which is two feet away from a blue recycling bag for plastic soda bottles. We also have a secretary who everyday throws all the newspapers into the garbage rather than putting them in the newsprint recycling bin. Knowing these folks' habits, I follow them around and pull stuff out of the garbage so they can be recycled.