Tuesday, May 5, 2009

10 uses Tuesday: PVC Pipe

I had a request from The View from Kalamazoo to mention PVC pipe.  Lucky for all of us I had a 10 uses Tuesday in the pipelines (totally intentional pun) focusing on PVC pipe.  Here are the 10 uses from This Old House.  
For my suggestion, my son just pulled out his marble race gizmo the other day to play with and I sat there staring at it while we played thinking "Just look at all this plastic.  It seems like such a waste."  Wouldn't it be a really cool project to make one of these with you kids?  This could be a fun, educational project, that helps the planet.  

Have you ever tried this?  What else have you done with PVC pipe?  What else could we do?


Lori said...

This one is right up my alley. My dad was a store manager of an irrigation supply company while I was growing up and used to have lots of leftover PVC. In third grade he made our class a puppet theater with some old curtains and a PVC frame. In fourth grade he made my class flutes by stopping up one end and drilling holes. I don't remember how but he made a water gun out of it, too. PVC is awesome, and so is my dad, who is waiting to do these things for his grandkids.

Willo said...

Those are all great ideas Lori! And how lucky are you to have that dad!?!

Lizzie said...

oh i like that flute idea!! i think my daughter would enjoy just the pipe and a bucket of water, she loves making up stuff :)

Hermit on the Hill said...

Thanks Willo — but what I was trying to say was...

No, no, no! PVC is EVIL!!!

It is HIGHLY toxic — from start to finish — and you can't even recycle it.

Rent the documentary Blue Vinyl. You'll never look at PVC pipe (or shower curtains, or "rubber ducks", etc.) the same way.

Also a great resource for learning about the toxicity of PVC is:

Willo said...

Tamara, I agree, it is toxic, and I am going to put that in my Netflix queue. But if we have it lying around from the past we should probably use it instead of tossing it out...in which case these are all great suggestions!