Saturday, May 9, 2009

Celebrating with Mother (Nature)

Earlier this week I talked about ways to celebrate adult birthdays in a less waste, less consumerism kind of way.  I would like to expand on that idea today in thinking ahead to Mother's Day and encourage a conversation on how to celebrate one of the most (if not the most) important women in your life and celebrate and support Mother Nature at the same time.

Many of the ideas from the earlier blog apply here.  Sometimes it just takes rethinking how you celebrate and what you consider a gift.  We gave my mom tickets to a dinner theater event.  Something that she could go to, enjoy, celebrate, and not necessarily leave a consumers footprint with.  Here are some other ideas:
  • Make her gift, or buy handmade.  We all know that some of the most precious gifts we have received have been those that have been made with care by our loved ones.  If you don't feel crafty or inspired enough to make it yourself, buy something made with care and support small artisans.  Check out Etsy for more info.
  • Donate to a charity on her behalf.  Don't know what to get the mom who has everything?  How about the gift of helping others.
  • In a little more literal interpretation of helping/giving, what about giving your mom a tree or plant to cherish for years to come.
  • And similarly you could gift her with a bird feeder, bird house, bat house, or bee hive to help nature thrive.
  • Do something of service for her.   Mow her yard, weed her garden, clean her house; any woman can tell you these are the greatest gifts.
What do you plan on doing for Mom?  What do you wish were being done for you?  

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Miss. A said...

Hi there! I just recently discovered your blog and I love it!! So much greatness to read and learn. Thank you for that.

I've recently decided to buy as little as possible and make as much as I can (it's amazing the amount you can make on your own). I am on a mission to be greener for the greater good of the earth!!

This year I made my sister her Mother's day card as well as the gifts for my Mother. They were a hit. My family really does appreciate homemade from the heart :)