Monday, May 11, 2009

Go Green Garage Sale-ing

Raise your hand if you love garage sales!  Ok, I know I am not the only goofball sitting here with my hand in the air, because garage sales are great, right?  Let's see, you can get stuff you need for cheap and save a ton of stuff from languishing in a landfill for eternity.  Win-Win!

If you are on the other side of the table, as I was this week there is also the benefit of green in your wallet.  What better way to make money then to get rid of things you don't need by selling it to those who can put it to good use.  So, this week we packed up all of Everett's old baby clothes, random gifts I have been given that I won't use, and any number of toys that the boys don't need or play with anymore.  I priced them reusing old stickers we had around the house, placed them in reusable containers, and took them to my girlfriend's house so I could take part in her neighborhood sale.  

We smiled at people, talked with each other, and took in money while enjoying the beautiful sunshine.  We even had someone drive up to the sale on a lawn mower.   Is this normal?  Anyone?  

So who's having a garage sale this summer?  Who's getting their stuff from garage sales this summer?  Any great garage sale-ing tips?


Miss. A said...

My hand is definitely up!! I love the yard sailing!!

I plan on having a yard sale or two this summer as well. Nothing better than passing on the things you no longer use, to someone who needs them, for a reasonable price.

I love a good second hand score :)

Lizzie said...

i NEED to have a garage sale, bad! my garage is filled to the top with stuff. I am not good at going to garage sales though... no more room for more stuff (hence the full garage!!) glad you had a nice time.

MLDB said...

I love garage sales..both having them and going to them. I wait all year until summer so I can stock up for Avery's clothes. So far, my best find this summer has been a Columbia coat and snow pants for $4 (almost brand new!).

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