Sunday, April 19, 2009

A word on product review

Apparently out here in the blogosphere there is a lot of hooplah surrounding product reviews.  Because a lot of what I do here is tell you about things that I have tried, many of them products, and because I always want to be upfront and honest with you; here is my schpiel on product review:
  • I will always try to tell you up front whether I purchased the product myself or if it was sent to me by a company (for free) for review.  
  • I will always be up front and honest about my feelings on a product, even if it was sent to me for free for review.
  • I will never recommend a product to you unless I would buy it and use it in my home with my family.  
  • I will answer any questions you have about products openly and honestly, regardless of how they were acquired. 
Make sense?  Ok then, moving on.

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