Saturday, May 30, 2009

Good Will

This morning I am off upholding a monthly habit that saves green in two ways.  I am at the Goodwill for their monthly 1/2 off sale.   This means that I get almost every clothing item for $2 or less, saving green in my wallet and the planet at the same time.  Plus it makes me feel a little better better that I only spent $2 on a shirt when the kids get a stain on it about 3.6 seconds after I put it on, or they grow out of something before they can even get a chance to wear it.

Goodwill is super Mama E friendly because it A. Saves items from the landfill and B. Keeps new items from needing to be produced.  So go see what your Goodwill (or other neighborhood second hand store) has to offer this weekend and fill me in on all the deals.


Lisa said...

I love 1/2 off thrift shop sales!!!
Lisa :)

Aunt Spicy said...

I should have gone to Goodwill today...went to a community yard sale and did not find anything. Love thrift stores!

Miss. A said...

I really enjoy a good 1/2 price sale!! I recently went to one at our local Value Village. My sister did really well, getting summer wardrobes for all three of her children, under $80. You can't do that in a department store ;)