Tuesday, May 12, 2009

10 Uses Tuesday: Coffee Filters

I haven't told you all this yet, but I took up a part-time job working at a golf course as a bar tender and server.  It gets me out of the house and social with other adults.  It's also a job strewn with wasteful behavior that I am working to curb, but more on that another day.  I tell you this now because last night at work, my silly coworker decided to put coffee filters on her head to be funny.  All I thought was, "Great, now we can't use those again."  But with today's 10 uses Tuesday on coffee filters, I have found 11 ways we could use the tainted coffee filters. 

I would add to #3 (the air freshener) that you could put a couple drops essential oil in with that baking soda for a really pretty smell.

For my own suggestion I found another great use for coffee filters that applies perfectly to my own life.  My son has been asking a lot about solar systems, planets, and the Earth orbiting the sun.  I got him some books on the subject, but I thought this project would be perfect to help him see it in a more tangible way.  You can make Earth pictures (and I would assume Sun as well with different paint) from coffee filters!  What better way to frame a conversation on reusing, conserving, helping Earth, etc...!?!  

Ok, I am ready for yours.   Bring 'em on!  What are your brilliant coffee filter uses?

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