Friday, May 8, 2009

Green Grab Bag 4.8.09

Welcome to Mother's Day weekend.  I hope you all have big (or small) plans in the works for honoring the mothers in your life this weekend.  More on that tomorrow.  Here is this week's Green Grab Bag, enjoy!

Before you let your fingers do the shopping this week, do a quick check of your computer settings and make sure you are doing all you can with them to save energy.
  • It has been raining a lot here, and my son broke my I have my eye on this 100% biodegradable  one.
  • It might just be because I love all things Willo, but I think this is adorable.
  • ToGrandma'sHouseWeGo is my new favorite upcycled store on Etsy.
  • How cute is this skirt?!?  I don't know that I could pull it off but I think one of you should and send me pics!

Finally, this Mother's Day weekend, I give a big cheers to Beth Terry at Fake Plastic Fish who, when she couldn't birth a child, birthed one of the biggest, bravest efforts in environmentalism.

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