Monday, June 1, 2009

I made my raised beds

So I am happy to report that with my mom's help, and a few hours hard work, the raised veggie beds are in.  My mom found these wood frames at a garden co-op for $5 a piece but they are would be super easy to make with some lumber (re-used is even better!) and hinges.  Then we just added some organic soil, some of my beautiful compost with the most beautiful, fat worms I have ever seen, and our veggie seeds and organic tomato plants.  Now just to get it to grow.  Although with that compost it might be impossible not to.  We also have lettuce and swiss chard growing in pots in the small greenhouse we have.  It's not perfect, but it's a start.

Where are you at in your gardening?  Are you growing something this year?  Are you using compost? Any tips?

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Patty Skypants said...

My #1 tip is to have patience! We planted peas and other cool weather veggies earlier in April, but the black bunny ate them all. Our squash plants came up last week and I was so excited! We also have potatoes growing in plastic garbage cans. Because of the warm weather last week, our tomatoes have doubled in size. We should have ripe tomatoes in a week or two. All my gladiolus bulbs are up! Yes, we used compost! We have also applied large quantities of compost tea to our flower boxes and potted herbs. All is well, so far!!