Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Terressentials Deodorant Review

For those of you that have begun switching over your toxic products to Mama E lovin' ones, you may have come to realize the difficulties in finding a good, "green" deodorant.  For those of you that aren't quite to that point yet, let me tell you that finding a non-toxic deodorant that works is like the Holy Grail of green beauty products.  

Because of the toxic nature of antiperspirants, the best non-toxic option is a hard working deodorant.  And having a non-toxic deodorant is so important because not only are you applying it directly to your skin (which drinks up everything) at least once a day, but especially for women that shave, there are often open areas of skin for whatever you apply to seep into your body.

The very first non-toxic, eco-friendly deodorant I have tried is Terressentials Organic Super Protection  Deodorant.  I bought for myself and tried the Zesty Citrus and Zen Spice selections because I figured that my husband could easily use them as well.  

The scents were gender neutral and refreshing.  The deodorant went on smooth, easy, and mostly clear and worked for most of the day.  Don't get me wrong, it's never going to work like an antiperspirant, but on normal days it kept me feeling and smelling fresh all day long and I only had to reapply for particularly sweaty days or events.  

With summer on the horizon we are all looking for new ways to stay fresh and clean and Terresentials Organic Deodorant gives us a way to do it without harming ourselves or the planet.

So, have you switched over yet on the deodorant front?  Are you going to? Have you had concern over what your deodorant might to for your body?

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