Thursday, May 7, 2009

Johnny Apple Seeds

The weather around here has been beautiful lately and my oldest has been driving me bonkers asking to plant "fruits and veggies."  As we don't quite (read: not even close) have our garden area ready for planting, I compromised with the planting of apple seeds.  We gathered these over the past few weeks right from our organic apples as we ate them and put them aside for this special time.  

We live on a lot with an abundance of trees, so the only way I could convince my husband to allow us to plant more was if they were fruit trees along the driveway.  So out the boys and I went to dig holes and plant our organic Golden Delicious and Granny Smith seeds.
Who knows if this little project will work.  I do know that they really enjoyed doing it and learned a lot about seeds and plants, how things grow, and why it is important to plant and grow our own food.  

How are your gardens/planting projects coming along so far?

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MLDB said...

We planted our herbs on Tuesday. It was interesting to do with two little ones. There was potting soil EVERYWHERE. My goal is to keep them in planters this year and hopefully transplant them into our landscaping next year. (that's if they make it). Luckily, the little bit of rain has given them a good start.