Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Friends!

Aren't birthdays fun?!?  I love the idea of really celebrating a person you care about and when they came into the world.  Today I get to celebrate that with my friend, and fellow reader, Debbie.  And Debbie's birthday got me to thinking about more earth-friendly ways we can celebrate with those (adults) we care about.  Here are some of the things I try to do to make birthday celebrations a happy experience for the birthday person and the Earth!
  • Do something instead of buying something!  On my friend's birthdays we often treat her to a movie she wants to see.  Remember that practicing an actual activity allows you to spend time together and saves on consumerism.  If you get a chance to do something outside together, even better!
  • If you do exchange gifts, look for handmade or vintage items.  There is nothing better then getting a unique item, something that someone has cared for and created with their own hands, or something with a beautiful story behind it.
  • When you wrap the gift, reuse old bags, boxes, and tissue paper.  I save all of mine from gifts I am given and reuse them for gifts for others.  
  • Put out the good china.  It will make you feel special and save the paper products.
There are so many great green ways to celebrate!  What are some of your favorites? 

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