Thursday, April 16, 2009

Review: John Master's Organics Sweet Orange & Silk Protein Gel

You may recall my review of John Master's Organics Sea Mist.  At the same time I purchased that,  also bought the John Masters Organics Sweet Orange & Silk Protein Styling Gel.  I have been using that more now and I thought I would tell you about my experience.  

The gel definitely gives my hair more definition and control then the mist and performs very similarly to how my old toxic gels did.  It gets crunchy if you use too much but provides much better hold and bouncy ringlets.   Again, this is for curly hair, I am not sure what it would be like on wavy to straight hair.  It has a couple big benefits over the toxic gels though being that it a.) isn't full of nasty chemicals that ultimately strip my hair and b.) smells way better...not like fake added fragrance smell, but like actual oranges!
I'll admit that the ingredients are more complicated than the sea mist but they are still easily understandable and it's clear to see that they don't include many of the toxic chemicals contained in your typical run-of-the-mill drugstore gel.  I broke out some of my husband's Aussie brand gel for comparison.  I think it's great that we have this gel to compare because I think it's a brand most people might think "Hey, that's natural and earth friendly!" when they see it and never stop to compare ingredients.  Do you know what laureth-23 is? Polyquaternium-4?  Acrylates/Beheneth-25 methacrylates copolymer?  And those are all just in the top 6 ingredients!  Here's a clue, if the company won't give you the ingredients on their website, they probably don't want you to know them.

So when I tell you that the John Master's gel cost $17.50/8 oz., I know you may scoff at the price.  But please believe me when I say that it lasts, like most things organic and good, longer than the typical product.  And even for us while we try to watch our budget very closely, it's worth it to know I can read and understand what I am putting on (and in by default) my body.  

What are your thoughts on gels?  Can you believe what's in the typical stuff?  Is there a great non-toxic brand you found you want to share?  

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