Thursday, April 30, 2009

Polish 'er up!

I am a silver girl.  Ok, sometimes white gold, but mostly silver.  But the problem with silver is that it tarnishes.  Before I went green I had this silver polish that was so toxic I got a migraine every time I had to use it.  Since going green my silver has been sadly neglected...until today.  

I had heard that one could polish silver with a baking soda paste.  So today I broke out the jewelry box that my brother gave me years ago that I haven't cleaned or polished since and gave it some TLC.  

I started with my tarnished box and my baking soda paste (just combine enough baking soda and water to get paste consistency, a little goes a long way).  I applied the paste directly to the box and scrubbed with a hard bristled brush (old toothbrush will work fine).  I found circular motions worked best.  Here it is half finished so you can see the difference.

And here it is after about 10 minutes total elbow grease and a little baking soda paste.

Best of all, no headache!  Now on to the jewelry.  What do you think?  Have you tried this?  Are you going to?  Any tips?

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Patty Skypants said...

This is my choice for polishing silver and has been for forty years. It is a bit abrasive, unfortunately, but it is NOT TOXIC! It works very well on jewelry, too. Go Girl! I'm so glad you discovered it and are spreading the word! xxoo Patty