Sunday, April 12, 2009

Turning into my mom

I can remember when I was growing up, looking up at the dish drainer (no dishwasher then either) and seeing plastic bag after plastic bag lined up there.  I remember thinking "Why does mom waste all her time and energy cleaning out these gross bags just to reuse them, when she could just buy more?"

Of course now I don't think they are gross and I understand exactly why she did it.  My mom was an environmentalist way before it was cool.  And (in this way at least) I am proud to be like her.  Those are plastic sandwich bags lined up on my own drainer.  I wash out a few every day and reuse them.  I haven't had to buy bags in over a year.  

Join me and my mom in this reuse-it's easy and $ saving!

Do you do this?  Tell me, can you put these in a dishwasher?  Any other baggy tips?


Green Lasagna said...

My children will remember the same thing. I still do it. I remember saying the other day that at $1 for 16 now instead of 20 qt. size bags, I would not be able to stop washing them.

I even wash the meat ones, swab with alcohol, and put aside for garden use.

Patty Skypants said...

LOL! Done this for 40 years now. xxoo Patty

Condo Blues said...

Interesting story. I made bread for the family's Easter dinner at my in-laws and put it in a clean reused zip lock bag. After dinner, I looked all over the kitchen for the bag so I could use if for the left over bread. My sister in law told me she tossed it because the bag was "used." Ugh. :(