Thursday, April 2, 2009

They don't make em like they used to

Everett has finally gotten to the point where he can wear this beauty of a sweater.  This is the same sweater that my Grandma knitted me when I was a baby 27 years ago.  It's the same sweater Tucker wore when he was that size.  And it is the same sweater that I will save for their kids, should they have them someday.  

Can you imagine passing your average Target sweater on for generations?  Yeah, me neither.  Most of mine have holes, buttons missing, zippers ripped after one month let alone several years.  Things just aren't made like they used to be, unless they are made in the same way.

Handmade items made with love are still the ones that last, the ones we hang on to.  And so those are the ones that I will continue to surround myself and my family with and hopefully that I will start making for us myself someday.  Remember, buying, making, having, and keeping things that last is one of simplest ways to make a difference for the environment.

What are your favorite well made items?  How long have you had them?  Where did you find them?  


carma said...

Stopping by to return the favor! This a a great story about your childhood sweater. Unfortunately I do not have any similar items that have withstood the test of time.

Lori said...

I have a sweater like that, too. It's not handmade, but it says "The Kid" across the yoke and is very cute. It was actually my brother-in-law's 30 years ago, then my husband's seven years later, and now my daughter's, soon my son's and I will save it =, too.

BlackenedBoy said...

This is such a lovely tradition! My father saved one of my own baby toys, and after my sister was born I gave it to her.

Hopefully some other child will find use for it in the future.

"FINE"al thoughts... said...

Let's far as store-bought clothes my third daughter is wearing some Old Navy shirts that my first daughter had so they are my number one choice in clothing these days. And handmade? Definately crocheted afghans or the quilt my husband's mother made for him. I never got to meet her as she passed away before I met him but it's something she made that we have been enjoying together for over 10 years and counting! Stopping by from SITS to say hello!

Kristen said...

that is amazing it has been kept in such good shape! Your blog is adorable!

♥ bfs~"Mimi" ♥ said...

I saved the handmade afghans and quilts made by my mother, her mother and grandmother. My children have their baby afghans made by their grandmother. Nothing lasts like handmade lasts.