Monday, April 27, 2009

My first vlog! With EcostoreUSA!

I have a very special treat for you today!  I have made my first ever vlog!  EcostoreUSA hired me to go to Meijer this weekend to help promote the launch of the EcostoreUSA products in Meijer stores and get feedback on how people felt about the new availability of green clean.  These are some of the most affordable green cleaning products I have seen.  You can also check out EcostoreUSA Facebook fan page. 

What do you think?  Do you like the vlogging?  Do you want to see more of it?  Are you going to check out EcostoreUSA?


Debbie said...

Great job! It's a little hard to hear the people talking but I'm sure you'll work out the kinks soon. said...

Cool blog!

Thanks for visiting today!


Lisa said...

We got the cute bamboo panda today! He is soooo cute, I posted him and a link to you on my blog. Thanks so much! :) Congrats on the first vlog!

Hermit on the Hill said...

Great job! Macs rule (I recognize the sound clip)! Though I like the sound editing features of earlier iMove versions, I think this turned out great!

I've got another top 10 for you. Not sure how much you know about PVC, but I think it's a perfect subject for Green Gracious. I highly recommend the documentary Blue Vinyl. I found a link to this "10 things" from her site:

Keep up the great work!