Saturday, April 25, 2009

Babyganics Review

Babyganics was recently kind enough to send me their Healthy Home Essentials Kit to try out. Babyganics is  a company that was founded by two dads who wanted products that are safer for their kids and the planet but still really effective.  The Healthy Home Essentials Kit cost $19.99 and includes samples of everything I needed to get my house and my kids clean.  

The Grime Fighter-All Purpose Household Cleaner
I loved this all purpose cleaner!  I used it everywhere (including mirrors and windows) and it worked like a charm!  This is truly fragrance free which is perfect for those looking for a safe all purpose cleaner that doesn't smell like vinegar or toxic chemicals.

While I am really not a fan of the disposable wipe fad, if you are going to use them, I guess it is better to use those that are less toxic and biodegradable.  I tried them out in my car where I don't like to spray the dashboard and they worked surprisingly well, even helping to clean things that I hadn't been able to in the past.

I love the way this bottle sat on my sink top just waiting for me to put a few pumps in a sink-ful of water...although you can just put it on the sponge too.  It cleaned well and washed off easily.

This was the only product I wasn't really a fan of.  The scent was too strong and unnatural for my taste.  The ingredients claim that this is "natural fragrance" but I am not sure what that means and it does not smell very natural, not at all similar to something like an essential oil.  And while I love that the spray bottle is non-aerosol spray bottle, there is a lot of pumping for very little amount of spray each time.   The one thing I can say for it is that it was pretty effective in removing smells, if even for covering them up with a stronger one.

The handy little bottle this hand sanitizer came in fit perfectly in my diaper bag for use at play dates and even the zoo.  I let the other moms in my play group try it and we all liked it, although one of them complained that it was sticky for a few minutes.  It was nice not to have the smell associated with typical sanitizers though.  

You know I am a stickler for packaging, and this came in a little too much.  The box was slightly too big and they used plastic instead of paper filler.  The good news is that the plastic bottles the products themselves are packaged in are just darling so you can reuse each of them for your own cleaning and air freshening concoctions if you are into that sort of thing (if your not please reuse for something else, give away, or recycle).  

For the most part I was extremely pleased with my Babyganics experience and think it is an excellent option for those people looking for a less do-it-yourself cleaning method.  What do you think?  Worth a try?


Patty Skypants said...

I haven't been to visit in a while and I totally MISS you!! Gotta have my daily dose of green. So, I will take this opportunity to tell you that I appreciate what you are doing and look forward to learning about new products and ideas and, oh what a comfort it is to know there is someone else out there who agrees the Earth is a fine place and is worth caring for! xxoo Patty

A Healthy Home said...

I purchased two 50ml bottles and two 250ml of the Germinator alcohol-free hand sanitizer from Babies R Us and have experienced an extremely unpleasant effect . . . within seconds of using this our hands smell like rotting fish . . . it is horrible and I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or did we get a bad batch?? It is really awful!

Willo said...

A Healthy Home-I have been using this for a while now and have never had that problem. I even had a few people test it out and they didn't mention anything about that. I would say you could try once more in case it was a bad batch, but I know there are certainly other similar products out there if you don't want to.