Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10 uses Tuesday: Drywall screws

Since last Tuesday we discussed uses for drywall buckets (and y'all had some clever ones), I thought this week we could look at drywall screws.   I loved the ideas offered by This Old House.  I can't wait to try the stopper and drain snake tips.   How creative!

I have used drywall screws for a couple different things.  The first is as my own hook system.  I put some in my closet to hang purses, robes, ribbons, etc... on.   I like them better then regular nails because they stay put, tend to be stronger, and the spirals keep things from slipping.  You could even use them to hang necklaces, separating by spirals.  

Another thing I have used them for is kids tools (older kids) in play dough.  Both the head of the screw sand the spirals make unique patterns. 

What about you?  What have you used drywall screws for?  What do you want to use them for now?

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Aubrey said...

Neat! I love your 10 uses post!

Thank you SO much for the comments you left during my SITS day! I enjoyed reading each one you left!