Thursday, April 9, 2009

Where is my Water Bottle?

"Where is my water bottle?" is exactly what I said to myself as I got ready to depart my plane in Connecticut.  My big orange aqua friend was gone.  I am pretty sure I left her in the Detroit Metropolitan Airport and I was thoroughly upset.  I loved that bottle!  I took her everywhere! 

And this is just to say that you should have a water bottle...a reusable one...that you love too.  You have heard about how disposable plastic water bottles are bad news right?  Here I will break it down for you in bullet points.  I like bullet points.
  • Plastic bottles take oil/energy to make
  • They then take oil/energy to ship
  • They take oil/energy to store
  • You drink them (possible containing toxins leached in from said plastic)
  • Ideally you recycle the bottle-which takes oil/energy
  • Or you don't and the plastic ends up sitting around our planet for hundreds of thousands of years.
  • Now multiply this by billions (38 billion a year!) and you have our plastic bottle industry.
Ok, back to my reusable bottle.  It's gone.  I hope some kind soul at the airport found it and is now using it to save the planet.  I promptly headed over to whole foods when I got to my destination (oh, Whole Foods, please move to Kalamazoo!) and got a new one.  

But do you know how many reusable bottles are out there?  There are a ton of choices.  Just make sure you do get a reusable one that is BPA free.  This is what my old orange friend was, a Camelbak.  I am a personal fan of the straw on my water bottle and ended up finding a lovely stainless steel model with straw and self-hinging clip!  Even better! (Sorry old orange friend).  There were also twist tops, flip tops, pull tops, plastic, metal, big, medium, and small.  A reusable bottle for all.  

So what is your favorite reusable bottle?  Is there one you are dying to try?  How long have you had your bottle?


MLDB said...

We got Avery a special new water bottle for Easter. She has been eyeing it for weeks, so she is going to be really excited on Sunday!

zblueyez said...

This is so funny! Just today I ordered my very first reusable water bottle from Sigg. I can't wait to try it out!!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

We are a reusable water bottle family. My daughter has a really cute one. It has a picture of Mary and the words Holy Water. Kind of funny. :)

Condo Blues said...

I have an Ecosmart bottle. I love that the design on it doesn't scream HIPPIE TREEHUGGER because a lot of not so green folk ask me about my 'cool bottle.' I hope that it convinces them to go reusable. It's stainless steel and I LOVE how it keeps my water colder longer. I only wish I had the larger size bottle so I could share water with my pooch. For now I take 2 bottles one for each of us.

Patty Skypants said...

Hai. Me gives u award today on my blog. xxoo Bhu

My favorite water bottle is stainless steel and we got it free for making a donation to the National Wildlife Federation. xxoo Patty

Lizzie said...

being in Arizona, our family takes our water bottles with us EVERYWHERE! every family member has 3 that we rotate. it not only helps the environment not using those throw away bottles, but we all feel healthier too :)