Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Terrific Tea Tree

My next couple posts are going to be green discoveries made on my weekend trip to western Massachusetts, which by the way is very green, but more on that later.  One of the joys I rediscovered on my trip was tea tree oil.  This first came about as a result of my blisters.  My poor feet, they get tortured every time I travel.  So when we got to stop at Whole Foods I grabbed some organic tea tree oil and band aids.  For those of you who don't know, tea tree oil has naturally occurring antibiotic and antibacterial qualities.  On my tootsies it went to start healing immediately.

Later that evening my friend Tiffany was having a lot of trouble with a stuffy head, sneezing, and runny nose.  Because we had nothing else, I just suggested she try sniffing the tea tree oil and see if that helped.  Sure enough, she was instantly cleared up and feeling better!  What a little miracle oil!

We also use it as home on our cloth wipes to help prevent nastiness (yup, that's the very technical reason).   What have you used tea tree oil for?  


Pennywise Persuasion said...

I use it in my vinegar kitchen cleaner spray because of its anti bacterial properties. I love how it smells too :)

Amalia Miralrío said...

My face stuff is from the Body Shop and is made with tea tree oil because it's supposed to clear skin and reduce oil... I just started using it and so far I love it!

Jenni at My Web of Life said...

Tea tree is an absolute staple in our home although I've never used it directly on wounds. Great tip!

I use it for:
-homemade spray cleaner
-toilet bowl freshener (2 drops does the trick)
-removing a forgotten sticker off of a t-shirt that went through the wash
-taking crayon marks safely off of painted kitchen cabinets

Marianna said...

I've used it straight to take care of ant's a little expensive to use on large invasions, but if you catch them when the first start coming in it's very effective. I just put a few drops down and then spread it around a little bit at their entry point.

I'll have to try it for sinus issues. My son and I both suffer from seasonal allergies.

Kelly Deneen said...

Tea tree oil is great stuff! Your blog is great!

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today!

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

I just saw a bottle of this tonight and was wondering what it was used for. Now I wish I would have picked some up. It sounds like it has many uses. Now I will have to go back and get some.

Lizzie said...

i love tea tree oil! i never used it on foot boo boo's though! great idea :) i have used it on my daughters dry scalp to clear up her flaky skin, i have used it as a chest rub for my kids when they get the sniffles (like vaporub) it's wonderful stuff

Willo said...

Wow, you all have great ideas! I have never used it in my all purpose spray, facial products (I wonder if I could create something for myself, toilet bowl, or removing crayons.

And thank you Marianne for the tip about the ants. I found ants this weekend that had already infiltrated and thought there must be a better way!

You all are brilliant as usual.

Condo Blues said...

I use tea tree oil to clear up my skin when I get stress acne.

I read that if you have cats you should be careful about using tea tree oil because it's poisonous to cats if they eat it.