Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day 2009!

In case you hadn't heard, it's Earth Day today!  You probably know this already as everyone is trying to catch in on the Earth Day glory and the going green fad.  Everywhere you look someone is advertising a way to go green.  Just remember that this Earth day, all Mama E really needs is us to cherish her more and consume less.  And that's something that we try to do here on Green Gracious every day.  So I am not going to make a big hooplah, but rather ask you to take a small challenge with me. 

The challenge is called Nine in 2009.  It involves finding nine new things you can do to help the planet in a low consumerism kind of way this year.  You can replace your toxic things with friendlier solutions, change your habits, or grow some new ones.  So whether you look through Green Gracious to find nine new things to do, or already have some you have done or are trying, will join us in trying for Nine in 2009?  

What have you already done?  What do you plan on doing?  


annie kelleher said...

i've already bought reusable shopping bags... im hoping sometime this year i start to get into the habit of using them. i realized i have to find a way to stop putting them in a drawer - i have to put them in the car! i already use homemade cleaning products - and i love to whip up batches of my homemade herbal skin remedy that is guaranteed to turn you green... literally!!!

Kari Jenkins said...

Thanks for the comment! My first SITS comment! Weee! Thanks also for reminding me about Earth Day- my boy and I will have to do something green later.

Pennywise Persuasion said...

We are recylcing, and I started using reusable bags in January. I also stopped using soaps that contained carcinogens on my children and started using organic. I just started making my own cleaners and stopped using paper towels and napkins. We are starting our own garden this year and are also hoping to begin composting.

Lora said...

I've made some changes over the past few months--08 was a big year of green awareness for me. So far in '09, I've found a place that takes recyclable plastics #'s 3-8 so I'm now recycling those as well as what I had already been doing. Woo-hoo!

Willo said...

Those are great steps everyone!

Annie and Pennywise, I keep my recycled bags (Envirosax) and produce bags right in my glove compartment so I can remember to take them into the store. I also keep a small one folded up in my purse/diaper bag for last minute purchases.

Annie-I would love to hear more about the green skin remedy!

Pennywise-Soaps and cleaners are such an important change and I am sure you will notice such a difference! Keep your eyes out because I have a lot of cleaner option reviews in the works!

Lora-thanks for stopping by. That is awesome that you make the effort to get those recycled!