Thursday, April 23, 2009

Real Purity Mascara Review

Ok ladies, am I right in saying that when it comes to makeup, mascara is one of the absolute essentials? Even when I don't get any other makeup on, I always try for mascara and lip gloss before I go out. I have been using Real Purity mascara now for over 6 months. Real Purity was the first logical choice I came across when replacing my toxic store-brand mascara that fit my requirements for understandable, clear, and acceptable ingredients, and a price point that is similar to the store-brand (especially because this is a product I bought for myself).

At $12.99 a bottle, Real Purity is not too drastically priced above the very toxic drugstore brands which run $5-$15 a bottle depending on what you use. Beyond the price, the only other downfall that people may find is that it is not waterproof. This is because the ingredients that make that possible are incredibly toxic. But I can say that in the time I have been using it I have been running, sweating, in the rain in it and it has held up pretty darn well. If you jump into a large body of water, you are probably going to have some running, so be prepared.

The benefits far outweigh the downfalls. This mascara gives great coverage with few coats, doesn't clump, and lasts for a really long time. Best of all, it's keeping chemicals away from you and the Earth and to me, it doesn't get better than that.

Have you switched over on the mascara front yet? What are you using? What's in it? How do you like it?


Emilie said...

Good one! Although I don't wear mascara often enough to have ever considered it, whoopsie!

Anonymous said...

I use Aveda-about same price, easy to find locally and I think that product line is ecofriendly.

Sara said...

I agree that mascara is essential. You would not be able to see my blondish eye lashes otherwise. lol