Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hellooo Vegan Restaurants!

One of the biggest joys about my trip to western Massachusetts was the food.  When you are traveling, you obviously have to eat out a lot.  Eating out has become a dreaded activity because it is so hard to find vegetarian/vegan options, let alone options that are enjoyable to eat and leave you full and happy.  That's why I was overjoyed when every restaurant on every corner had really great herbivore options.  We even went to a brewery that had a kick-butt veggie burger and mediterranean platter.  

This is definitely not the way it is for me at home.  Granted, I live in a smaller area but we have to search high and low for mediocre options at best.  So I am wondering, what's it like by you?  Have you looked at veggie options out there?  Are there some restaurants that do it better than others?  Do any of the chains have it right?  


annie kelleher said...

if you think its hard to find vegan food, try being gluten free!!!

Electronic Goose said...

Western MA is great for veggie food! I live in Boston, and find that there aren't very many great vegan (or veggie) restaurants, but that many "normal" restaurants offer an option or two that's vegan. Whereas in Chicago, where I moved here from, there were some great vegan restaurants, but almost none of the "normal" restaurants offered vegan choices. I'm glad you had a good time!

Lucy Pursglove said...

Wow I want to try a meal at the place you've pictured, looks lovely! We don't eat out often enough to have thought about the options available to be honest but I think there seems to be more choice the further into cities one goes in England. x

MLDB said...

Hey there, if you ever want to venture to GR, here are some of my favorite vegetarian places (and a lot of them do vegan stuff too!). I organized a gastronomical tour of GR two summers ago, and here were my favorites! You know I love food!

This is THE Grand Rapids vegetarian place. Almost anything on the menu can be made vegan too!

Little Africa Ethiopian
SOOOO good, and everything is vegan!

Marie Catrib's
Lots of vegan and vegetarian options, and everyone loves it! WE love it for breakfast! It's a lot of local and sustainable stuff too!

Sami's Pita House
This is another favorite. We stop here after every doctor's appointment. They have awesome falafel and grape leaves and fatoosh, well, everything is good here!

Wealthy Bakery
All the breads are vegan, and they make a great sandwich! The cookies are awesome, and I LOVE the soups!

Patty Skypants said...

In the middle of nowhere, we actually have several choices for vegans and many choices for vegetarians. You can even get a BBQ Seitan sandwich. We don't have any "fine dining" for vegetarians, though, and I've often thought of opening one. Only problem: I'm not a "vegetarian;" I need to find a chef. xxoo P