Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Recycle Bank

Continuing my series on genius ideas that are changing the world, today I bring you Recycle Bank.  Recycle Bank is the beautiful brain child of Ron Gonen who had the great idea to reward people for recycling, just in case the warm fuzzy feeling isn't enough.  And let me tell you as someone who has to pay mucho money a month to my trash removal company so they can in turn make money off my recycling-I WANT RECYCLE BANK.  This is an issue I will be taking up with my town and trash service and you should too if you aren't in one of the few areas where the service is currently offered.  

Ok, enough rambling, here's how it works.  Recycle bank gives you a bin with a chip in it that measures the weight of your recycling and rewards you with points.  The more recycling you do, the more points you earn.  Points can be used at participating retailers such as Target.  Great, right?  

So tell me dear readers, do any of you have Recycle Bank in your area?  Are you running off to sign up right now?  Are any of you going to working to get in your area like me?  Do you currently recycle?  What is that experience like for you?


Lucy Pursglove said...

Hi Willo :)

Loving the new look and the little signature at the end of your posts! :)

Yes we recycle here. The local council run a great system.

Recycling and composting feel so good don't they!

Keep up the good work and great posts.

Lu. Xx

MLDB said...

I just requested more information about bringing it to my area. It might encourage more people on my street to recycle. It's so disappointing to look up and down our street and NOT see anything but trash recycling bins. I've offered to have people put their recycling in our bin, but no one has taken us up on it yet.

Lori said...

Too bad it's not in our area. Our waste management pulls recyclables out of the garbage and recycles them, which I'm sure they make money off of, so I doubt that they'll change, but I'm requesting anyway.