Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ocean Hair

Does my hair look like I just got out of the ocean?  I have to confess, I haven't actually been in an ocean in over 4 years, so the image of what my hair might look like when I emerge from the salty waters is far from fresh in my mind.  But I can tell you this.  I wish my hair looked like this when I got out of any body of water, including bath tub.  

I recently tried John Masters Organics Sea Mist - Sea Salt Spray with Lavender which claims it will make your hair look like you just stepped out of the ocean.  I love it!  Now I have to make clear that I have thick wavy/curly hair to begin with so I have no idea what it would do with other types.  But I have been looking for something to replace the toxic gels and things I used previously and this is perfect because it gives me the look of wavy not frizzy hair without any crunch or buildup.  And the ingredients are:  Water, Sea Salt, Lavender oil.  That's it!  Which is great because:

A. Those things are all super natural, non-toxic, good for me and Mama E, etc...
B. I totally have them laying around my house and can try making this on my own!!!

And I am going to try as soon as I run out, which I estimate will take at least 2 months.  However, if any of you want to try it before then and let me know how it goes, I would love to hear.  Just make sure you don't forget the lavender oil as it is the "secret ingredient" that keeps the hair from drying out.  Speaking of drying out, I better go dry my hair.  In subzero temperatures I can only afford to have beautiful dry ocean hair.

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Emilie said...

Hi Willo, I just discovered your blog today & I'm loving it!