Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Poo Journal

This morning I had to bust open a new journal.  I know that journaling can be a big use of resources (especially when you go through as many as I do) but nothing beats putting pen to paper to get your thoughts out (nope, not even blogging).  So journals being a must for me, I try to find those that have the least environmental impact.  The one I opened this morning is this great one I found at Bright and Bold and it is made out of...Elephant Poo!  I know, I know, it sounds gross but it is totally cool!!!  

Before you claim that there is no way you are writing on the mess of an elephant, check it out.  They collect the Dumbo poo, boil and sanitize it, pulp it, and turn it into clean, odorless paper!  Seriously, it doesn't smell at all!  It's great!  And it's not just journals, they make stationary, note pads, even wrapping paper with this stuff.  To see all the products and check out more info on how it's made, check out Mr. Ellie Pooh.

Now, I have to warn you, the pooh paper is thick and textured and not like typical paper that you may be used to writing on.  So if you are looking for something more up that alley, check out Ten Thousand Villages.  Here you will find products made by artisans around the world who are paid fair-trade prices for their work.  You can even see the pictures and the story of the artist you are supporting.  And most of the stationary is hand-made with recycled materials.  My favorite journal here is the Rooster journal.  I use it as my gratitude journal, and just looking at it every night makes me happy!  

If you are a writer, note-taker, or otherwise user of stationary give 'em a look-see and you might just want to start a gratitude journal for all the cool products out there!

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