Friday, January 2, 2009

The Launch of Green Gracious!

I have been debating whether to launch this blog for a while, but ladies and gentlemen, the time has come!  Green Gracious is the place for this tree hugging, eco-goddess wannabe to share her journey along the emerald path to earth (and self) friendliness.  I am not the first or the only one traveling this path, but I am certainly having my own unique experiences as I try to transform my home into a healthier, happier, earth-friendlier place and my hope is that maybe by sharing them with others we can all start making our own little differences towards a BIG change for the better.  

So please, join me on my journey if you can.  And use Green Gracious! to share your own ideas, feedback, and support...because whether you are a wacky over the edge earth-lovin' fool like me, or just someone trying to save a little green in the wallet, we could all use some help along the way!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am vey happy I just found your blog. We started our blogs within days of eachother and are on similar paths. Looking forward to following your journey. Cheers, Tricia