Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Get the good stuff in my tummy!

I eat yogurt every single day.  I feed my kids yogurt every single day.  The fact that it puts good bacteria in and helps kick bad bacteria out makes it very good for us.  But all those plastic yogurt containers are bad for the environment.  They take lots of energy (oil) to produce and many recycling centers will not take them.  So what's a yogurt lovin' girl like me to do?  Make her own of course!  

I bought this yogurt maker and it makes the whole process super easy.  I can make 7 cups of yogurt with only 5 minutes of active work.  It's awesome!  And the added bonus is that I know exactly what goes into the food we are eating.  Because we don't eat dairy, I use soy milk and soy milk powder and vegan yogurt cultures.  Then there are tons of different things you can add to your (or your kid's) taste, like preserves, sweetener, syrup, agave nectar, honey, etc...  I eat mine with fruit preserves, granola, and almonds for breakfast.  My kids just like it mixed up with their favorite organic grape jelly.  No matter how we make it, I feel great knowing I am doing something awesome for our health and the planet at the same time.  My hubby doesn't eat yogurt but he feels great too because making our own yogurt saves us moolah!

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