Tuesday, January 6, 2009

10 Uses Tuesday: Magazines

I know two blogs in one day is excessive...but today is TUESday. I'm punny. But, seriously, today I was running and flipping through a magazine which offered 10 innovative uses...even better, they have all kinds of these lists. SO, each Tuesday (because I love alliteration) I am going to pick one to highlight and come up with my own use too (which would technically make 11, but where's the alliteration in that?). So this week is magazines! There are lots of great suggestions there.

And lately I have been using mine to visualize. It's that time of the year when everyone is making resolutions and thinking about what the future holds and whether you read "The Secret" or not, it's important to visualize your dreams. So I just went through all my old magazines and cut out pictures for my resolutions and life goals and scrapbooked 'em into a dream fulfillment smorgasbord (bet you didn't know that's how it's spelled). Try it! And leave a comment on how you use your magazines (or anything at all) and I will know my visualization is working!

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