Friday, January 2, 2009

How many birds can I get with this stone?

The new year is upon us! I don't know about y'all, but I am pretty stinkin' excited for 2009! Like others, I too am making some resolutions. This post is not about the proverbial eat less, move more (although that is one of mine and can help Mama Earth-more on that some other time) but another goal I aspire to. This year my biggest resolution is to consume less, simplify, and save more. Now this is possible and good for me (+ our planet) on soooo many levels, so let me break it down for you:

1. I can consume less energy saving myself money and the earth CO2 emissions. Ways to do this include energy-proofing my home, line-drying, turning out the lights, turning down the heat, and the list goes on and on...more on these in future blogs.

2. I can consume less "stuff." Do I really need that much more anyway? I am quickly learning that surrounding myself with a few things I adore rather than a bunch of stuff I sort of like is way more satisfying. Please check out the Story of Stuff for a great explanation on why this is so important.

3. When I do consume stuff, I can buy reused. One man's trash is surely my treasure. People are getting rid of things all the time and chances are if I keep my baby blues peeled, I can find just the thing I am looking for at just the time someone else needs to get rid of it, saving the waste and production of more stuff. Besides, I think it is so much cooler when the objects around me have a history and a story. And that brings me to...

4. Make sure my stuff gets reused. I am lucky enough to have not one, not two, but threeconsignment stores in the little village where I live. This is great because it helps me with two parts of this resolution. I get to simplify by getting rid of stuff I don't need and/or love and I get to make and save some moolah! If you aren't blessed with a bevy of consignment shops, fear not, you can always have a garage sale or donate your items for tax deduction or just that warm fuzzy feeling deep down inside. If you are internet savvy (and if you can read this you are savvy enough) you can place your items on Ebay or Craigslist (and keep all the cash for yourself) and check for stuff you might need there. It's like garage sale-ing in your underwear.

I started with my Christmas stuff. I put aside ornaments to sell, making room for new ones and if I couldn't return unwanted gifts I took those to the consignment store right away too. I find the faster you get things out the more likely you are to do it. But whether you start with the passing holidays or just that old toy you keep tripping over but never use, resolving to consume less, simplify, and save more can make this year one for the record books.


MLDB said...

Hey there...are you hooked into Freecycle yet? It's a yahoo group that's goal is to keep things out of teh landfills. I've gotten rid of lots of scrap metal and our old counter tops, as well as clothes, and other usable goods. It's not available everywhere, but you might be close enough to K-zoo for there to be one for you too.

Willo said...

We do have Freecycle! And I am recently signed up and rolling. Thanks for the tip!