Tuesday, January 13, 2009

10 Uses Tuesday: Jeans

So this week, 10 uses Tuesday is all about the JEANS.  This was inspired by the fact that I had to discard of yet another piece of newly stained and further unwearable clothing this week.  This happens to me a lot because:
A. I am now and have always been an extremely sloppy eater.  
B. I have a cuddly toddler who likes to show his affection by rubbing his snot, peanut butter & jelly, and whatever else he can get into, all over me.  

So I thought as I was ready to toss out this clothing item this week, there has to be a better way.  And it turns out for jeans there are at least 10 better ways.  I especially like ones about using the pocket as a pencil holder and doing faux finishes.  

And now for my suggestion.  Why not take the not so bad part of the jeans (it would be especially cool if it includes the pocket and/or buttons!) and sew yourself a reusable bag?!?  Save $ and help the planet 2 ways!  Jeans would probably work super well for this because denim is a strong durable material.  I am not that talented so I will have to con my mom into doing it for me, but I am totally going to try it the next time we have a pair of jeans to ditch.

P.S. I would like to give thanks to my hubby and his hiney for unknowingly giving me the photo for this blog.


Renee said...

Willo Jeans are a perfect made bag. My purse is made out of a pair of jeans. The person who made it put fabric on the inside for a liner. It is made out of the top part of the jeans so it has all the pockets and waistband. They turn out really cute...plus you could always sell them for a little cash. I think they would make great reusable bags too...nice and strong.

Angela said...

This is a nice blog. It has some really good ideas I want to use.

I am planning to make a draft-stopper for my basement door using the leg of an old pair of jeans and sand.

Willo said...

Thanks Angela! That means a lot to me! Feel free to stop by anytime! That is A GREAT idea to make a draft stopper!!! You must have crafty genes ;)