Friday, January 23, 2009

Everything AND the kitchen sink

For this last day of lemon cleaning, I tackled my most difficult kitchen challenge, the kitchen sink. This area proves incredibly difficult because...

A. We have no dishwasher so all manner of things gets piled in here
B. We have no garbage disposal so all manner of things stayed piled in here
C. It is a light color and prone to staining and looking generally gross

And I must admit, up until I tried lemons, this is the one area of my house where I was harboring a potentially toxic cleaning tool, the magic eraser. It was the only thing I could find to keep stains and grime from sticking around. I should have known Mother Nature had a much better solution. You guessed it, the lemon (rind in this case).

Here is the infamous sink ready to get the scrub down:

OH, the embarrassment!!! But I must show you the drain covers. Ewwww!
And after about 5 minutes of some good elbow grease, I sat back, inhaled deeply the beautiful aroma and enjoyed the sight of this:

There you have it my friends, three less than desirable kitchen tasks all accomplished in about 15 minutes on less than .5o cents with sweet, clean, delicious smelling, and need I say earth-friendly results.  Did you try any of them this week?  How did they work?  Did they inspire you to try something else?  Do share!


CC said...

Wowzers! What a great difference!!!!!!! And I bet it smells great too :)

umlauf said...

a haiku:

lemony freshness
dirty sink, sparkle and shine
citrus pow pow POW!