Monday, January 5, 2009

Paper products

This is one of the lovely cloth napkins we now use in our home.  We have basically cut out paper napkins all together because seriously, what a waste.  Plus it makes us feel all fancy to use cloth napkins.  I got 4 of these cowboy napkins at flea market for $1 and my boys love 'em!  You can find them at just about any garage sale, flea market, antique store, or if you are handy you can cut up an old shirt (blanket, sheet, etc...) and make your own.  

As much as I love my cloth napkins, I have to admit that there are just some paper products we can't get around using.  Like toilet paper, kleenex, and the occasional paper towel.  But there are ways to use even these things wiser!  

One way is to buy paper products made out of 100% recycled paper (or as close to it as you can get).  I just placed a huge order!  I buy in bulk once or twice a year to save on shipping and trips to the store.  Then, when you are finished using your paper towel, napkins, and kleenex, throw them in your compost instead of your trash (more on this later).

Americans currently use over 750 pounds of paper products per year...each!  Paper doesn't weigh that much people!  I'm not suggesting we start using leaves as toilet paper but just a few little changes can go a long way!

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