Thursday, January 15, 2009

More love, less stuff...

Have you ever had a message over and over in your life until you got it?  This is how it has been for me the past couple days with this message, "More love, less stuff."  It all started a couple days ago when I heard a piece on NPR (yes, I have officially turned into my father) about people who lost everything, in Katrina, in the most recent financial scandal, etc...  And the one thing they all said was that you realize the things don't matter, the people do.  

This is an idea that my boys are obviously very good at embracing.  When I asked Tucker (my 3 year-old) if we should throw out the pjs shown above with holes in the feet he asked, "Are we going to donate them?"  When I told him that we would probably just throw them in the trash he said, "No, we can donate them, but I want to wear them not put them in the trash."  How does he know at 3 something I struggle with at 27?

The truth is I have gotten pretty good about not buying a lot of new things and limiting our consumption, but sometimes I still get hung up on the stuff we have.  Which was evident last night.  While at the gym I read a quote by Deepak Chopra that said something like, "In 2009 people will make personal relationships first on their lists and consumption last."  Even with this enlightened knowledge fresh in my brain, when I returned home, things were hectic and I threw a little hissy fit over something and ended up staining my carpet.  So then of course I threw a fit over that, screaming and sobbing until I thought...wait a minute...Willo, your family matters, your carpet doesn't.  (Ok, it does, but not nearly as much as my family).  I was able to put the rest of the night in perspective and mend things with the boys, but obviously this is a lesson that still needs working on.

What those people on NPR was saying is that when it's all gone, you realize it doesn't matter.  I am blessed enough to have the opportunity to realize that now, enjoy the things I have (or give them to someone who will), and really think twice before I get something more.  Because with those boys, what more could I really need?

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Lucy Pursglove said...

You couldn't have timed that post better....My son just let the dog in who then padded muddy prints all over the carpet to his bed! Joyous! Your post just saved him a verbal scolding :)