Saturday, June 6, 2009

Weleda Skin Food Review

I don't know whether it's allergy season, my new found working arrangement, or just my general sensitive skin issues, but my hands are so dry and itchy lately.  And as I have mentioned before, I am always on the search for a great hand cream.  This time I found one at Target on clearance in the form of Weleda's skin food.  

This isn't specifically marketed as a hand cream but is the right price ($1.99 for .32 ounces) and size to fit right into your handbag (or in my case, diaper bag).  It also has a great smell.  It's thick. so a very little bit goes a very long way.  The skin food can be a little oily at first, but it quickly soaks in and leaves your hands soft and protected.  I use it on my hands/forearms, but i am pretty sure it would be a great lotion no matter where you choose to use it.  Plus it's easily available for you to pick up on your run for other necessities.  

Has anyone else tried this?  What did you think?


annie kelleher said...

i had to laugh at this ... ive been putting a gift basket for my mom to auction off at her breast cancer basket. its theme is "a writers life" and its got some of my books and a few odds and ends i consider essential - notebooks in various sizes, coffee, and a mug. i also tucked in a small vial of weleda birch oil to combat cellulite. when my husband asked why i told him its cause most writers i know spend a lot of time on their butts!! :) thanks for the smile and the confirmation the vial belongs in the basket!!! xox... annie

Willo said...

That's a great story Annie! Thanks for sharing! Glad I could help!