Monday, February 2, 2009

Focus, Clarity, and Hand Cream

In the month of January I purchased only 2 non-necessity items.  The first, you may recall (oh, faithful readers) was the skirt from I Like It Mama.  The second was this fabulous organic balm from Nostalgia Joyful Organics.

Now I know I said that this was a non-necessity purchase, but my poor chapped hands and lips in the dead of this Michigan winter would surely disagree.  They needed this balm.  And thankfully, it totally delivered.  

These little pots of goodness are made out of natural veggie oils and pure essential oils and packaged and shipped in recycled materials.  Each pot is .25 oz (that's a little bigger than a quarter for the spacial-ly impaired like me) of creamy happiness.  A little bit goes a long way and does a great job, proving big things can come in small packages.

The balms come in a variety of scents.  I chose the Claire Isabell because it was "created to help keep your mind sharp and uncluttered" and whoah, could I use that!  When I first opened the little treasure it was like smelling sunshine.  I immediately starting rubbing it into my sore hands and lips.  It is creamy and soothing, but not greasy.  And it soaks in quickly so as not to stain anything you touch.  Not only did it do wonders on my hands, but it works better than any chapstick I have found yet on my lips.

In short, it is indeed, like my skin's own dose of creamy happiness.  Clarity, focus, and smooth skin...what else could a girl ask for?


Cindy said...

thanks for stopping today to pass on SISta love :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for entering my giveaways, more posted tomorrow!

Miss Jocelyn

Amy said...

I totally know what you mean about the dry winter hands! These look almost pretty enough to eat!

Emily ~ Little Window Shoppe said...

My poor little hands need a bit of creamy happiness...this looks great! January is a cold dry month for us too and everything is just a little extra chapped.