Tuesday, June 9, 2009

10 uses Tuesday: Sawdust

Happy Tuesday!  Hope your week is off to a great start.  I got thinking about today's 10 uses Tuesday this week because we have had a lot of storms here lately.  This means a lot of down trees and a lot of sawing/chopping wood for heating here in the winter.  It also means a lot of sawdust.  So check out this week's 10 uses for sawdust.
Then give my idea a try.  I am trying (slowly but surely) to sew a little more and I discovered that sawdust can make a great pin-cushion filler.   Just take an old scrap fabric (denim would probably work great), and sew it so it can be stuffed with sawdust, then sew it shut.  The saw dust makes a great, reused, inexpensive filler.  Seriously, using scraps, this pin cushion cost nothing.  The sawdust will keep needles and pins from rusting.  

What do you think?  You gonna give it a try?  Have you tried it before?  Any other brilliant sawdust uses?

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Lizzie said...

great idea! i don't sew (wanna learn though!) have a great evening :)