Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bugs be gone!

Is it just me or are the bugs crazy this summer?  Ok, that was a rhetorical question.  I am fully aware that the mosquitos are insane this year and I feel like if they got organized they could pick me up and carry me away.  Between the rain and the early heat, it is a perfect mosquito storm here in Michigan and it shows on my little guys in large red bumps every time they go outside.  

The problem is that bug sprays are full of toxic chemicals which are then directly absorbed into your skin.  So the solution my family came up with is a super simple, super effective one.  We bought the largest bottle available of organic citronella essential oil.  Before we go outside each time I just take a few drops and rub it directly on the skin.  Mosquitos stay away and we stay safe, happy, and toxin free.  

Has anyone else tried this?  Do you have another great non-toxic solution for keeping the bugs off?  

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Meg said...

Thanks Willo! Totally helpful. I'm curious about those clip-on bug repellant fans too. I'm sure they are chock full of the nasty chemichals, but since they don't go directly on your skin, they probably aren't all that bad for you. Now, as for the (I'm sure) completely non-recyclable hard plastic shell it comes in, that's another story...