Thursday, June 11, 2009

Read Greener

If you are like me and Summer conjures up images of lying on the beach with a book in your hands, you may be looking for ways to read greener this summer.  After all, millions of books are printed every year, often using virgin timber for their pages and covers.  Here are a few ways to help the planet while enjoying a great book.
The biggest deal on the green reading front is the Kindle.  This is the electronic machine on which you can download and read books.  And the Kindle DX is now available as well.

But you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to go green.  If you don't have the money, don't like the idea of creating more electronic waste, or, like me, can't quite get the satisfaction of reading a story without the smell and feel of a real life book, there are other options.  
  • Check out your local library.  Chances are you can borrow books (and CDs and DVDs) for free.  Even our tiny library has a great selection.  I love that my kids know all the librarians by name and think the library is one of the most fun places to visit.  Our library also has an annual book sale of donated used books and on the last day I can get a bagful for $2, and the money goes towards this great cause.
  • Buy used.  There are lots of places to find used books.  Try Craigslist, garage sales, eBay, or my favorite;  Chances are you can find exactly the book you want, in like-new condition, for less then half the price of new.
  • Finally, if you have to buy new, look for books printed on recycled paper, preferably with a water or soy-based ink. 
  • And once you are done with your book, pass it on.  You can sell it via one of the ways listed above or pass it onto a friend.
What are you favorite ways to read green?  What great books are you reading/planning to read this summer?

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Lizzie said...

my mom, grandmother and i do book swaps. whenever i get a new book (or used!) i send it to one of them and they do the same :) it;s a great way to share a great book with wonderful people and buy 1/3 less books at the same time!