Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Girls Only!

Ok, this isn't really girls only and deep down I know just saying that there will be men reading it, but this is definitely girl talk.  So men, you've been warned.  

Today we are talking about living sustainably and reducing waste during a very specific time of the month.   Let's start with the way things are usually done right now.  The way things work with most women, when they get their period, they run out to the store and spend money, buying products, made out of paper and chemicals.

But believe it or not, there is a much better way.  If you want to work into things slowly, you can buy products then are made chlorine free (that's right, chlorine in your Kotex, yuck!)

Or you can purchase products that are reusable and turn to them over and over again each month.  This is the option I chose because it reduced the most waste and saved me the most money.  

There are a few ways to go completely reusable for your period.
  • One is cloth pads.  Sometime handmade with reusable fabrics.  It doesn't get better then that.
  • Another is the diva cup which is made out of silicone and replaces a tampon but can be used day after day, month after month.   I own these and cloth pads, but both my good friends and I swear by this.
  • Finally, there is the keeper, which is similar to the diva cup but made from latex.
I know the idea takes some adjusting to, but what do you think?  Are you ready to make the change and save the planet and your money?  Have you already made the switch?  What do you think?


Lori said...

I might switch to cloth pads, I've lately just been doing the seventh generation. I was wondering though, as I'm cleaning our house and getting it ready for my daughter's birthday party, how do you organize your house when you're being green? I've got stacks everywhere! I hate to throw things out and love to reuse, but where does it go so that it doesn't look like Sanford and Son?

Angela said...

Tried the Divacup for 3 months and could never get the thing to stop leaking which had me using pads to double up. I'll stick with applicator-free OB tampons/chemical free ones.

Lisa said...

I can't seem to get past the idea of it. I do cloth dipes for E...but can't get the ick-factor from my head of alternatives for me.

Patty Skypants said...

I have used sea sponges very confidently.