Monday, June 15, 2009

Paper from preschool

I have decided we will never need note paper again.  Our drawers our stock full of scrap paper for things like to-do lists, grocery lists, honey-do lists, reminders for my husband on his long undone honey-do list, reminders to myself about what I was going to cook for dinner this week, etc... Where did all this extra paper come from?  Preschool.  

My son is in preschool and brings home mostly blank, sometime totally blank pieces of paper daily.  This instantly become above mentioned scrap paper and are written on and utilized until they absolutely cannot be anymore and then recycled.  

I have to say that if I could not reuse the paper this way, these copious amount of paper produced just in preschool would seem like a waste.  I am kind of new at this school things with my kids.  Is it always this wasteful?  Is there a way to cut back?  A better way to reuse?  What have you done?


Lizzie said...

isn't it amazing the amount of hardly used paper preschool creates!!! i said the same thing last year :)

we saved all our sheets and used the backs for grocery lists and coloring sheets, all kinds of things. plus it was cute turning them over while in the super market and seeing what my kids had created.

Lori said...

Big wastes! I don't remember it getting any better when my brother was going through. And I had a professor who wouldn't let me print my papers out double sided, so I'd waste 14 pages instead of 7.