Sunday, February 1, 2009

Marvelous Market

Yesterday I had the joyful experience of visiting a local market featuring artists and their handmade goods.  It was truly inspiring to see all of the goods there, the way people are using their creativity, and the incredible ways in which they are using it to reuse someone else's "trash" into little treasures.

Here are some of my favorites:

You might be able to tell that these are actual sweaters sewn into bags.  Very similarly to the way we discussed jeans possibly being used as bags.

The bag's creators also stitched handmade bikini tops:

This is the table of one of my favorite local artist's I have featured here before.  **Look for a giveaway from her coming mid-February**
Look at this beautiful neck-wear she creates.  Like a scarf only a thousand times more fashionable.  I am craving the paisley one!    
Visit her store here to see more of her great creations.  

These handmade pipes were created by her husband.  What a crafty household!  His store features pipes and pipe accessories.  
And right next to them was Mia with this adorable puppet.   How cute is that?
 I am betting at least one of these will be under our tree next year.  And check out this gorgeously unique doll.
She also makes pendants out of reused Scrabble tiles!  And she is soon opening a new store called "Bewakeful."  I love that name!

What did you do with your Saturday?  Anything fun?  Creative?  Green?  What are your favorite hand made goodies you have found?  


Mia Rae said...

Oh, aren't you precious!! Thank you, and thank you again...!

MLDB said...

hey there...this is a totally unrelated comment to the post....I am looking into cloth diapers for this next wee one (since we actually have a house of our own, and a washer and dryer now). Can you send (or maybe post) what sort of products you tried and what worked best? THANKS!

Willo said...

Mia-thanks for stopping by!

Michele, I am totally on it. How about Wednesday I will share what I know and start the discussion. Cool? Yay for you wanting to cloth diaper!!!

Aunt Spicy said...

Hi Willo! Go check out my blog, you're a winner ;)

Kathleen said...

Thanks for stopping by this morning!

What a cool funky little market you have!!! Thanks for sharing all of the goodies.

Happy Monday!

Willo said...

YAY! Thank you Aunt Spicy!

theresa said...

Love it, Willo! Now get your hippie friends over to my baby naming masterpiece. ;)