Tuesday, February 3, 2009

10 uses Tuesday: Newspaper

Happy Tuesday!  This week's 10 uses Tuesday is all about Newspaper. Get 1o great uses for yesterday's news here. 

My addition for this week sprouts from the fact that I had to replace my non-earth friendly garbage bags this week because we finally ran out.  In researching what "greener" kind to buy next I came across a suggestion for lining your garbage can with newspaper and then just dumping the whole thing in the trash.  Now we don't subscribe to the newspaper, so we don't have enough for that, but if you do, it would be a great way to save money and make a two-for-one environmental impact by reusing your newspaper and keeping a plastic bag from being created.  

I opted for the recycled plastic bagsbecause they were slightly cheaper (by .15 cents a bag) then biodegradable corn bags and came in less packaging.  But if you don't have newspaper lying around and need garbage bags, either of these are a good choice as well.

What are you making good use of this Tuesday?  Do you have a clever use for newspaper?  Another good one is to look for baby names...or just check out Theresa's blog! (There Theresa, how is that for shamless promotion)?  Do you have a clever green garbage can idea?  Do you have anything on your mind?  I want to hear it all!


Emilie said...

Newspaper works great for cleaning glass! Doesn't leave streaks or lint behind like microfiber can.

And we use something similar to these here in our compost can:

CC said...

We use ours as wrapping paper! :)

theresa said...

I'll take shameless promotion anyday! <3

Newspapers...hmm. I am boycotting them since my local one refuses to hire me.

ThreadBeaur said...

I cancelled my subscription, but I used to use it to make paper mache projects with the kids at school. Also good to reuse the paper if you are packing to move.