Friday, February 6, 2009

Be my (recycled) valentine!

Earth to mom (no pun intended)!  How could I forget that my preschool aged son will be in need of Valentines for his class?  Talk about scatterbrained.  So yesterday I realize that I need 20 some odd Valentines for my son to give to his friends.  Somehow the idea of running out and grabbing some colorful creation printed with toxic ink on virgin paper promoting mass consumerism didn't appeal to me (I KNOW, leave it to me to make Valentine's day earthly doom and gloom).  So (because we don't have any handy craft supplies or Mama E friendly stores nearby) I scoured the internet to order some recycled Valentines I hope will come in time.  Here is what I found:

These are handmade recycled from Stubby Pencil Studio.  Aren't they CUTE?!?  And your child can color them and make them his/her own!  I love it!  But I know you are probably thinking, "Yeah, Willo, those are great but they cost money and may not get here in time."  Right you are friend!  So, make your own!  Get are some ideas.
  • Take last year's Valentine's and repurpose them by cutting out the picture and gluing it to construction paper with your own new original message.
  • Use cardboard boxes from packaging to cut out hearts and decorate with stamps, stickers, markers, paint.
  • Cut up a Little Debbie Valentine's treat box to glue the words and hearts onto recycled paper.
There are tons of crafty ways to help your kids spread the classroom love.  And if you don't have the craft materials or the time (a la muah) here are some more fun sites to check out for recycled cards.
Have you done cool "green" valentines?  Do you plan to do some this year?  I would love to hear about/see your ideas and finds!


Emilie said...

Doh! I forgot about Valentine's too!

Willo said...

I know Em, it's so easy to forget! You should definitely try some of those printables!

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

I have been thinking about this for a while now and I decided to do the candy instead. I know, I know. Here is my “logic” the kids won’t really do anything with the valentine’s and they will either end up being recycled (if they can) or thrown away so I resorted to the candy. I know the packing will get thrown away too but at least they had a treat. Irganic gummy candy anyone. ;-)

Willo said...

Yum! Organic Candy! Thanks for stopping by Over Coffee!

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Your welcome. Feel free to call me Lena. ;-)

I like your tape cassette tip. I was just thinking of organizing a couple of drawers.