Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hand me downs

Y'all know (or at least you are beginning to) how much I love reusing stuff...even better if you can sell it and let others reuse it.  I just discovered this great site that lets you do just that.  Hand Me Downs has areas for people to post new and used kids things (books, toys, furniture, health and safety items, etc...) and services like child care for sale, for free, or for donation.  It's kind of like kids stuff + Craigslist + Freecycle = Hand me downs.  

The site is handy in that it has everything broken down so things you might be looking for are easy to find.  And they have a great key that lets you know if an item is gently used, safety information, and (my favorite) eco-friendly.  The only downfall is that it is only in some major metropolitan areas of the US right now.  Give it a look-see and give your old items a new life.

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