Sunday, February 15, 2009

We Are the World

Some of you may have heard that I am having my first giveaway tomorrow.  It's so exciting that everyone around here wants in on the action.  I tried to tell Precious that she would get car-paw-tunnel but she couldn't help herself.  

So tomorrow launches our first giveaway from Green Gracious. Umlauf, handmade treasures from a good friend is sponsoring the Winter Blues Giveaway because that is what everyone here in Michigan is experiencing right now.  

However, I do recognize that all of our readers are not experiencing Winter right now.  There are many readers here from Australia (Owl and Fox and Little Eco Footsteps) who are not only battling heat, but tragedy and my heart truly goes out to the people down under.  

I am so very proud of our international readership.  We have this beautiful representation of readers from all around the world.  Green Gracious consistently has visitors from Canada, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Britain, Germany, France, South Africa, Italy, and a surprising number of visitors from Slovenia.  In fact (thanks to Eva), outside the US, Slovenia makes up Green Gracious' biggest readership!  I cannot begin to describe how lovely I think it is that we have people coming from all over the earth to try to help save it!

It is with a heart full of gratitude and appreciation for all of you international readers that I sadly announce that the Winter Blues giveaway will be for US addresses only.  So, if you live in another country and have someone at a US address that will ship it to you, I say more power to you.  But for our purposes, the prize will only be shipped to a US address.

With all of that said, tune in tomorrow for a Green Gracious first, the Winter Blues giveaway.  And in the meantime, if I missed your country, let me know!  I would love to hear from more international lurkers!  And fill me in on how your Valentine's Day went!  What did you do?  Who did you love?


Everything Fabulous said...

Hello Willo,

I am so excited I found somebody as passionate as I am about becoming greener one step at a time!!
Thanks for stopping at my blog!! I hope you like it and keep reading it! I devote every Wednesday to post everything green!
Looking forward to follow your blog!!!
Hope you are having a fabulous Sunday!!

Lisa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can't wait to read more about your giveaway tomorrow! :)

Eva said...

my heart just missed a beat when i saw you linked to my blog. thank you so very much!

yesterday my mother-in-law gave us a great children's book. it's TEN THINGS I CAN DO TO HELP MY WORLD by Melanie Walsh. it's perfect even for small children: my not-quite-yet two- and three-year-old kids love it and i think they understood a lot of what it's trying to say. at the same time it's made really cleverly and i think even older children would like it, in fact i like it very much!

it introduces just the basic ideas, but that what being green is all about. it's really all about common sense and love!

i wish you a lot of happy visitors for your giveaway! i soure am going to stopby and take a look, no matter if i am not from the states! i adore how positive you are.

Willo said...

Everything Fabulous-thanks for coming by! And thanks for following! It's always nice to find fellow earth lovers.

Lisa-No problem!

Eva-You make me smile! I

Lisa Sharp said...

It's so much fun to meet people all over the world due to blogging!

By the way your dog is so cute!

Willo said...

Lisa-I can honestly say that "meeting" all these people has been the most rewarding part of blogging so far.

Thanks for the compliment on our dog. We are really very fond of her!