Saturday, March 7, 2009

Zevia Review and Coupon

I recently had the chance to try Zevia soda.  This is a soda billed as nature's alternative to diet soda.  Because it uses Stevia, a sweetener that is an herb grown in nature as opposed to a chemically produced substance (like nutrasweet, splenda, etc.) it is a more natural solution to those whole like a carbonated, calorie-free beverage.   My sample pack included root-beer, cola, orange, and lemon-lime flavor.

The Good:
  • The root-beer flavor was the best by far
  • The cola flavor was similar to a diet-coke
  • The lemon-lime almost perfectly mimicked diet Sprite
  • The packaging was earth friendly
  • Zevia is ok for diabetics because Stevia doesn't effect blood sugar levels

The bad:
  • Because it's listed as a dietary supplement, it doesn't support the traditional nutrition label
  • It was packaged like a traditional six pack, complete with plastic rings
  • The Orange flavor was unpalatable to even my 3 year-old...that's pretty bad.
I am not a big soda drinker, but this is definitely a better alternative for soda addicts out there.  It isn't available everywhere yet but comes with a flyer you can take into your grocery store manager to request it be sold there.  You can try a sample pack for only the cost of shipping or use the coupon code FIVE4FRIENDS to receive $5 off a case.


annie kelleher said...

im not a big fan of substitutes... if you want a soda, drink a soda... i find if i allow myself to indulge in the real thing - i end up wanting and eating a lot less of everything.

Eva said...

can the stevia sweetener itself be bought anywhere? i know some people who would love a natural sweetener that diabetics can eat.

Emilie said...

Interesting! I kicked my pop habit by switching to mineral water--turns out it was the bubbles I craved!

Willo said...

Yes, the stevia itself can be purchased in most health food stores and I am sure you can find it online if you search for "Stevia." A little bit goes a very long way and it is slightly expensive so I wouldn't recommend it for big baking projects...tell you what...I will do an even bigger blog post just on Stevia soon.

Rose said...

I use the "Pure Stevia Extract Plus Luo Han" made by KAL.
I've tried all brands and this one is the best. You get more for your money because I can sweeten 2-3 glass of ice tea with one packet, where it takes 2 packets of Sweet-leaf Stevia and other brands. I love it!
I make my own sugar-free lemonade, orchata and any other drink that usually calls for sugar.

Anonymous said...

Well, the wife suggested this because I'm lowering my blood sugar. I love Coke Classic,and Coke Zero. I refuse Pepsi,tastes like flat coke.
I bought and drank Zevia.
I flat out LOVE it...My new brand!